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Compensation Claim

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: The Good and the Bad

Compensation Claim

When you have been injured in a work incident, it is vital you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer who is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced. Unfortunately, workers’ comp attorney settlements are full of unethical workers’ comp attorneys. For that reason, navigating the hiring process can be overwhelming – we’re here to offer some signs to be aware of during the search.

What are the signs of a Bad Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

  1. Your Case is Being Handled by an Office Worker

A tell-tale sign of a bad workers’ comp attorney is if an administrator or office worker handles your case. If you’re paying fees for a licensed attorney, they should handle your case with their legal expertise.

  1. Attorney Recommends Over-Treatment

If you attorney keeps recommending over-treatment, or treatment you do not feel you need, this is a sign of a bad workers’ comp lawyer. Doctors associated with the workers’ comp attorney might recommend this overtreatment, after all, this means more money for them.

  1. Filing Compensation Claims for Non-injuries

If you notice your compensation lawyer keeps trying to file claims for body parts that are not injured, this is another red flag they are only in it for the money.

  1. Refuses to File Difficult Claims Like 132a Retaliation Forms

These claims can be difficult to file, but they can be significant to your injury case. Make sure your attorney has gone over all your options and files all the appropriate forms, no matter how complex they may seem.

  1. Refuse to File for OSHA Violations or Removed Safety Devices

If your workers’ comp attorney refuses to file claims for OSHA violations or removal of safety devices you should immediately hire a workers’ compensation lawyer who will do this important task.

  1. Refuses to Sue a Third Party

The workers’ compensation lawyer refuses to file a case against or sue a third-party who was the cause of the accident. Whether this is the manufacturer of an unsafe piece of machinery that did not have safety devices in-place, or the driver of the car who hit you, it’s vital to get the justice you deserve.

Hiring Process

The Signs of a Good Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Meaningful deliberations should happen between you and your workers’ comp attorney  about the best course of medical treatment, how the medical procedure is going, and whether you like your doctors.

Moreover, your workers’ compensation lawyer should discuss with you when you can return to work, possible medical restrictions, the possibility of returning to a job when you have medical restrictions. In addition, discuss whether a civil claim exists for family medical leave act violations, disability discrimination, and wrongful termination.