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Use the AdWords Performance Grader to Grade Your PPC in Manchester


PPC management

To run a successful PPC campaign for your local business in Manchester, it is important you keep track on its performance from time to time. And AdWords Performance Grader is a very effective tool for the same that can give you a clear picture of your campaign.

The tool allows you to audit your campaign on different parameters. And on the basis of your optimization, you can get to know where your campaign is doing good and where it needs improvement.

So, if you are wondering to improve the performance of PPC Manchester campaign give your business a new height in Manchester, use this amazing tool.

What is AdWords Performance Grader and How it works?

AdWords Performance Grader is a free tool, which was created by Wordstream in 2011. It helps advertisers to track the performance of their Google AdWords accounts. The tool gives them a better understanding of how their campaigns are performing.

AdWords Performance Grader tool analysis the performance of campaign based on more than 60 different factors such as quality score, Ad spend data, ranking, impression, etc. The tool automatically tracks and analyzes the account every 30 days.

To get the report of your campaign performance, you simply need to input your contact details along with Google login details in the tool. And the report will be delivered to you in few seconds.

Here are the Few Features/Benefits of the AdWords Performance Graders

Wasted Spend- In this report, you can get to know whether you are making proper use of negative keywords or not. On the basis of grades, you can analyze how many dollars you are wasting every month on irrelevant keywords.

Really, AdWords Performance Grader tool is very effective to control the spend on negative keywords that never convert.

Quality Score- Another major advantage of this tool is, it allows you to check the quality score of your overall campaign. Since quality-score may have a great effect on your return on investment, make sure your campaign has a high-quality score. And with AdWords performance grader, you can track it very easily.

The tool displays score for both text ads and keywords targeted. So use this tool and run an effective Google-approved campaign.

Impression Record-

Impression record means the impression share for ads. With this amazing tool, you can even track how often your ads come into sight as a result of relevant search queries.

By increasing impression share, you can make your ads’ exposure better and eventually improve your lead generation results.

Track CTR- Click Through Rate (CTR) is a measure of the number of clicks on an ad as a percentage of the number of times it displays in search engine results. With AdWords Performance Grader you can analyze that how your targeted ads are. In case your CTR is low, you may lose customers.

Long-Tail Keyword Optimization- Long tail keywords can play an important role in the success of your PPC campaign. These are those low-volume keywords that might not get you tons of visitors but they can drive better-targeted traffic to your website for sure.

So try AdWords Performance Tool to optimize the performance of your long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are more targeted keyword ignoring them means you are missing opportunity to attract high-intent, low-cost traffic.

Ad Text Optimization- In PPC, text ads hold a strong place. An attractive, well-written text and can get your campaign strong performance in terms of impression, clicks, CTR and ad ranking. AdWords Performance Grader tool can let you know whether your text ads are getting strong performance or not.

So whenever you look for PPC Manchester, make sure the company is competent enough to write engaging Ad text for your campaign.

Landing Page Optimization- Whether you have more or fewer landing pages than your competitors, with AdWords Performance Grader you can do the complete optimization of landing pages.

Landing pages mean more targeted messaging. Therefore, you must have adequate landing pages.

Mobile Advertising Analyzing-

As you know mobile traffic is growing at very fast speed therefore, it is important to stay on top of mobile PPC best practices such as mobile-optimized text ads, call extensions, site links, etc.  The tool gets you better optimization of your mobile advertising.

In every advertising campaign, it is crucial you keep track on its performance from time to time. With the proper tracking, you can get to know how much do you spend on each of your campaigns.

With AdWords Performance Grader tool tracking the performance of your marketing campaign is relatively very simple. With it, you can track your complete campaign and improve it wherever needed.