Trenchless Water Lines: Repairing Your Pipes Without Destroying Your Lawn

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking damaged sewer lines? The destruction of your front lawn and thousands of dollars in expense. Traditional sewer repair methods involve digging a huge trench leading to your pipes, which destroys your current landscape in the process. Your lawn will be torn up, flowers, pavers and all. If you’ve already spent considerable resources sprucing up your curb appeal, then you know how agonizing it is for contractors to be tearing it up in an effort to fix your sewer line problems.

There’s a big possibility that plumbers will recommend traditional sewer line replacement methods when you have a sewer problem. But you know how it leads to a big mess that’s hard to clean up. There’s a better way to have your sewer lines fixed. Plumbers can employ the trenchless technology to make your sewer line system as good as new. This breakthrough technology is the smarter option. What’s more, it provides significant benefits over the traditional way to repair sewer lines in almost all aspects. Normally, sewer lines will have to be manually replaced, but trenchless technology foregoes the hassle by putting in a new line without digging up the whole sewer system site.

All types of possible sewer problems can be solved using the trenchless technology. The cracked, broken or rooted pipes can be replaced with a method called pipe bursting. If your existing pipes simply need to be reinforced or strengthened, then CIPP is the most probable solution. Both of these trenchless technology provide efficient sewer line repairs without having to dig up hard ground in your property. Your landscape will be safe from unnecessary excavation.

Advantages of Trenchless Repair

As mentioned, trenchless sewer repair does away with excessive front yard or lawn digging. All that’s needed are two small access points leading to and from the sewer line. The new liner is fed underground, which creates the new connection. A Pipe Wrench Plumbing technician can repair your water line at a significantly less time than you will experience when you go for the traditional method of sewer line repair.

Yard damage is reduced to a bare minimum. After the plumber installs your new pipes via trenchless technology, you won’t need to call in another contractor to restore your yard to working order.

The entire process of trenchless involves the following steps: the line system is shut off. The plumbing technicians create access points for the new piping. The new line is put in and the holes are refilled. Everything can be done in two days tops, but oftentimes accomplished by the end of the day. Traditional sewer repairs can take weeks to finish.

The result is that you can return to your normal routine much more quickly than before. This proves to be an invaluable factor when your business needs to get back on track as soon as possible. Bottom line is that trenchless sewer repairs can save both your time and your wallet. Landscaping costs are now non-existent. The new lines installed can last up to 50 years. Opting for trenchless sewer repair is definitely worth it.

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