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Top Three Hunting Scopes and Binocular Optics

Optics mounted to firearms and/or binoculars are important accessories to have with you when hunting.

The right optics give the shooter enhanced vision and increase accuracy when shooting. Traditional iron sights come standard on most firearms but there are a variety of scopes that provide you with vision as good or better than most binocular optics on the market.

Most gun owners mount scopes on the weapons they hunt with or if they own a tactical rifle. Fiber and laser optics can be used on handguns as well as rifles.

Carrying binoculars in addition to a great scope can greatly assist you in the woods. Binoculars give you early, enhanced visuals on a target and to better assess surroundings.

Let’s take a look at three of the top optics available for hunters.

Nikon Monarch

The Nikon Monarch is considered by most one of the top pieces of optical equipment available to consumers. The Monarch features eco-glass lenses, extra-low dispersion glass, turn-and-slide rubber eye cups, fully multicoated eco-glass lenses. Monarchs can be used with a tripod.

Extremely rugged, Monarchs are made from tough materials and are waterproof. The rubber used in their construction provides shock resistance and a great gripping surface.

The great focus lets you enhance the features of any object at near or far distances. The Nikon Monarch is great when used in unpredictable weather or light conditions.

Redfield Revolution Rifle Scope

This popular rifle scope is waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof and provides incredible value for the price.

It features excellent light transmission, great field of view, and unsurpassed image quality. It’s made out of premium lenses and vapor-deposition coatings.

It features rapid target acquisition and ¼-MOA finger-click adjustments. It provides accurate hold points out to 500 yards. This scope is so reliable it comes with a lifetime warranty. This scope is sure to live up to its reputation.

LaserMax Centerfire Laser Sight

For those looking for a laser sight, this is one that deserves your attention. It is available for a variety of different styles of guns. This LaserMax features an on and off switch which automatically times-out after ten minutes. It is easily programmable and as rugged as they come with a reinforced nylon design. Last but not least, the sight is adjustable for elevation and wind.

Final Word

The right type of optics can enhance your hunting experience. You do not have to spend countless hours searching different stores for the right optic. Do all of your shopping right from your computer or your phone. Buy binoculars optics online and have them delivered right to your door.