Top 6 Amazon Research Tools to Boost Your Sales Today

Profit is a vital element to sales success. Prospective sellers will lose patience if the sales outreach goes cold. Proper market research helps boost sales making you more successful overall. No matter how big or small your Amazon business is, it can always benefit from product research tools. Many FBA sellers struggle to start their business successfully. They may even find it complicated to understand the market or they may not have good product ideas.

It extremely difficult to find the right tool as today there is plenty of them on the market and some of them fail to provide accurate data. We have carefully studied most of such Amazon research tools and selected the best 6 tools to boost your Amazon sales.

1. AMZScout WebApp

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Usually, a research starts from a product niche search. To find the most profitable niche you can use AMZScout web application. It has a convenient cloud-based Product Database that consists of 20+ million products. Whenever you need to get suitable keywords for your product PPC-campaign you can use the Keyword Explorer feature.  If you need to follow competitor’s sales use Product Tracker feature included in this tool.

2. AMZScout Extension

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This is the must-have tool for any Amazon seller. It provides broad product data. Some useful indicators are unique and are not available in other tools. For example, indicators such as – Date First Available, Net Margin, and RPR (estimated monthly revenue per number of reviews) are very important for comprehensive research. You will definitely like detailed LQS, price history, and comfortable Filter feature. AMZScout is not a free tool, but the price is reasonable. They constantly add new features and improve sales estimation algorithms. Moreover, they handle customer support really well.

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

This is probably the most famous tool that every Amazon seller knows about, so we couldn’t skip it in this review. Jungle Scout web application has the convenient Niche Search tool. Generally speaking, this tool is very similar to AMZScout, but it provides different sales estimates. Sometimes Jungle Scout numbers are overestimated, sometimes they seem more accurate. That’s why it’s a good idea to compare data from different tools. So, if you can afford to have few similar tools then install it. Bad news, Jungle Scout is quite expensive and requires recurring monthly payments. Also, it doesn’t have a trial version.

4. Unicorn Smasher

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This tool is very popular because it is completely free. Unicorn Smasher has a very appealing logo and design. The list of its advantages ends there. It doesn’t give accurate sales estimation which is very important for any research. All the indicators are standard and available in any of the above-mentioned tools. The only reason we included this tool in this review that Unicorn Smasher is absolutely free to use.

5. AmazeOwl

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This tool is quite new on the market but it is gaining big popularity among users. It has research features and product tracking tools. Unfortunately, right now it works only for 5 markets (com, UK, ca, de, fr) and it does not have a browser extension. Although AmazeOwl offers a desktop application which may be attractive to some users.

6. AMZ Tracker

AMZ tracker Tools

In fact, this tool does not help in product research but it helps you to track your sales. It also has good keyword suggestion feature, though some sellers prefer to use specialized tools for keyword research. The good news AMZ Tracker works for 11 marketplaces meaning it works for almost all Amazon stores.

You can use only one of these tools and 2-3 of them in conjunction to get the most objective data. In any case, using tools as an Amazon seller is simply a must.


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