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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Time to Make Room For the New When It Comes to Sewer Repair

Sewer Line Repair and ReplacementOne habit of man is to try and stay on his old ways. When something breaks, the automatic mindset is to try the tried-and-tested ancient methods. Couple that with a general distrust of new things, and it could prove to be very difficult for better technologies to come in the mainstream. What would you do when it comes to repairing your leaking sewer line? Tempting as it may be, the traditional methods are outdated and they are no longer beneficial. It’s Time to Make Room For the New When It Comes to Sewer Repair.

Why Many Are Choosing to Go Trenchless

Do you love your beautiful, manicured lawn, your colorful garden with bright flowers in bloom, your carefully trimmed hedges and trees? You can save all that with trenchless technology. That’s one of the best features when you opt in for trenchless sewer line repair instead of the traditional pipe repair methods. It’s the greener alternative. It can save the typical homeowner more than 40{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} in sewer line repair costs and it’s much faster in terms of daily routine recovery. Because sewer lines get constant wear and tear, we know that sewer line repairs are unavoidable. This is why you need to think of more efficient ways to get it done immediately.

What Exactly Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Surprisingly for some homeowners, the technology of trenchless sewer repair has been around for a good 15 years. There are two variants of trenchless sewer repair methods:

Cured in Place Pipe

First, there’s CIPP, a ground-breaking innovative sewer repair method that makes use of pulling a new piping material in place of the old one. The new pipes have useful features that old pipes don’t have. They are seamless and jointless, and are more than capable in replacing existing old pipes that range from 6 to 110 inches. A “liner” slides through the old network pipes, and the special resins form the length of the structure. This is all done via two simple access points, one at the start and one at the end of the damaged pipes.

Pipe Bursting

Extensively damaged pipes will benefit more from the pipe bursting method of trenchless repair. This process involves the insertion of a new pipe which is dragged along by a mechanical bursting bullet-shaped head. As the new pipe is being dragged along, the bullet head bursts the old pipe apart, scattering it to the surrounding soil and paving the way for the new pipe.

Most plumbers and contractors still offer the traditional method of pipe repair, which includes digging up large areas of land and destroying landscapes and lawns. Not only is the traditional method a lengthy, tedious process, but homeowners and business owners find it costs a whole lot more to get their pipes back in good working shape. With trenchless repair available for all homeowners, why opt for the outdated traditional methods?

It’s definitely time to consider the newer, better method of repairing or replacing your old sewer or drain lines. Your family deserves the best health, sanitation and well-being you can provide. Keep your house functioning fully as long as you can with trenchless sewer repair.