These Shoe Designs Are So Pure It’s Killing Us

5c08218c1b7bd46384db6f08c9e6a9c2Whether you call them sneakers, trainers, kicks or stomps there’s no getting around the fact that the most lit shoe designs go way beyond functionality. The colors and the crazy prints help create their special look and feel. But in the end it’s all about the vibe and how it speaks to you. Some prints on shoes can be artistic and others can be seen as just playful.

We’ve decided to break it down so you can decide which ones really speak to your style because in the end that distinction matters.

Blood Splattered High Top Shoe: ARTISTIC

These kicks are artsy with an edge. The white high tops have a blood splattered print on the sides that don’t seem playful as much as they are dark. And when it comes down to it, isn’t eddy and artistic the same thing? This design has a specific meaning and symbolism behind it that scream “it’s not a phase.” The way the dark toes on the white high top shoes clashes with the red blood print on the side brings out a angsty attitude that any indie kid or artist would be thrilled to rock.


CATS! If this crazy shoe print isn’t playful then we don’t know what is. These high tops are both nerdy and adorable. Is there anything better in this world than cats? And these high tops come decked out with every cat imaginable. Russian blues, tabbies, and even a cute little black cat! If you’re the kind of person who wants to show their fun side and make their shoes a gushing point, then this crazy shoe print is for you. People will stop you on the street to tell you how fun and awesome you look. You are guaranteed to not only look cute but also playful. Call it hipster, call it quirky, call it playful. This shoe print is just plain fun!

Corgi Dog High Top Shoes: PLAYFUL

OMG. These adorable high tops are so playful and pure that it’s killing us. If you’re spirit animal is a wobbly corgi, this print is going to make you squeal with joy! This shoe print is fun and quirky and a must need for anyone who wants deck their feet out with their favorite dog! They have a collage cuddly corgi dogs smiling playfully. We can’t think of a better combination. The mere idea of having a shoe devoted to these cute little puppers is amazing. They’re playful in a way that won’t make you seem nerdy, but adorable in the best of ways.  

Nebula High Top Shoe: ARTISTIC

This crazy shoe print is literally out of this world! The design on the side is a dark nebula with purple hues. The mood can be described as glum but chill. In the end it really depends on how space makes you feel which makes us describe it as artistic.  The nebula and relaxing colors give off a soothing vibe that’s not exactly playful. Either way, they’re artistic and that’s cool.


It’s not always either/or. Sometimes a print can be artistic and playful. This print design is a great example of that! It’s covered in Oreos with the brand’s name on top of them. Are these funny? Are they ironic? Are they just showing their love of sweet delicious cookies? Or is the crazy shoe print design hating on brands? It doesn’t matter! In the end it can both and that’s awesome.

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