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Browning lever action rifles

The History and Evolution of Browning Lever Action Rifles

Lever action rifles are as American as apple pie, and the only one that can compete with Winchester is the Browning lever action rifles. Though it’s interesting to note that one of the most famous Winchesters, the M94, was designed by Browning himself.

John Browning

As with today’s market, back then most famous gun makers and designers got their start with another company. John Browning was no exceptions. Impressing Winchester with an early patent, he went to work for them making a lever action shotgun and designing any kinks out of the lever action rifle.

Browning stayed with Winchester for 20 years before breaking off to start his own company, but not before he left them with an iconic model. At the start of his career, the gun world was made up of single shot rifles and lever actions.

By the end of his career, he’d invented the first automatic rifle, and had gone on to produce the Browning machine gun. There haven’t been any major breakthroughs in the firearm industry since.

Winchester Model 1894

Designed by John Browning, the Winchester Model 1894 is still one of the most popular hunting rifles available.

Throughout the century of its production, not a lot has changed with this classic design.

Modern machining has improved the fit and function of the rifle over the years. In fact, the only way it’s been improved or changed has been with the available cartridges.

BLR Lever Action Rifle

The BLR was first introduced to the market in 1969 and is still going strong today. This rifle was one of the earlier models with a detachable box magazine, rather than utilizing the tube magazine of standard lever actions.

The box magazine is quicker to load and allows the usage of point tipped bullets which fly farther. Classic lever action rifles have to have rounded tips or risk igniting the centerfire cartridge in front of it.


The BL-22 is a .22 rimfire with only a 33-degree lever throw for faster cycling. This rifle is currently in production, so it has proven longevity and value. It’s the perfect introduction for new shooters, on young ones.

Available in .22 short, long, and rifle long, with a variety of configurations, models, such as the Grade I and Grade II, it has something to appeal to everyone. The BL-22 continues to showcase the thoughtfulness of design that was begun by John Browning all those years ago.

However, if you’re looking for Browning lever action rifles for sale online, by all means, shop around, check out the reviews. Reviews are the most buyer-friendly way available to tell if the product you’re looking at is any good, and Browning’s reviews don’t disappoint.