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Large Diameter Pipe Sewer Lining

Large Diameter Pipe Sewer Lining in Alameda?

Large Diameter Pipe Sewer LiningWith sewer lines there is a lot that can happen. There can be bursts or something else that leads to the destruction of the pipe which will warrant some repairs to be done to it. Over the years there are many techniques that have been developed to help in this line of work. There are many ways that People have developed to repair sewer lines and make them better. One of these methods includes the use of large diameter lines to repair sewer pipes by trenchless technology. The large diameter pipes act as the new system over the old one.

Large diameter pipe lining in Alameda

In Alameda, people have taken up this technique because of how simple it is and how well it works. When compared to the other traditional techniques, this method is simpler, faster and saves a lot of money. This method is part of the many trenchless techniques. It is a technology that was invented in 1977 and has been in play ever since. Many companies in Alameda also use this pipe bursting method in repairs. This ensures that all the fewer pipe renovations are left underground. With this method in place and the pipes having been installed there is a higher chance of never experiencing the problems you had before.

How it is done.

For the large diameter sizes the pipe is pipe which is saturated with resin is installed by winching or inversion. Once in place the resin in the pipe is the heated using various methods such as the use of UV, steam or hot water. This is done so as to induce a chemical reaction which will harden the bind the pipes together making them stable and very durable. The whole of this process is called Cure-in-place-pipe lining process. This is because the pipes are repaired without having to take them from their place.

When the method started there were many things that were not at the best quality they should be. As time goes by there have been improvements done to the method and many things tweaked to make it better and to produce better results that will last for longer. Some of this things include the chemical used and the method of curing used. The use of steam reduced the amount of curing time which is 30 minutes while that of hot water is 3 hours


This method has been found to be better than the traditional open cut method where you will have to remove the whole line so as to replace it again. Apart from that, it is also a relatively easier method that takes a shorter amount of time to complete. This method has been approved by the government and has been taken up by just about all Sewer pipes repairing companies. With the large diameter installation, there is only a slight of the size of the pipe. The pipe is reinforced and made better. This helps it last for longer.


This method has been accepted in very many other places apart from Alameda. It is one of the best and easiest methods used to do repairs to sewer lines and pipes.