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Is Video a Mobile Marketing Game Changer?

The statistics playbook says it is:

Salesforce did a study of 470 smartphone users and 85{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} of them said that “mobile devices are a central part of everyday life.”
The figure was 90{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} for respondents 18-24 years of age. The average usage among subjects was 3.3 hours per day.
What about tablets? 80{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} owned tablets, using them in addition to rather than instead of their smartphone.
So if mobile is such a huge part of consumers’ lives, everyone is making sure to market to them in ways that engage them and result in sales, right?
Yes and no.

What’s the problem?

Forbes ran an article contributed by Laura Beaudin and John Grudnowski of Bain Insights that exposes the marketing world’s disconnection from the mobile consumer.
What they’re missing is the micro-moment. Those few moments when the user is primed to buy and marketers have a window into their decision-making process.
Marketers are also missing the boat by sticking to the status quo. According to the article, marketers are using long, slow videos that are better for, or were produced for, television.
With the world at their fingertips, mobile users are not hesitant to click away in the three seconds it takes them to get bored waiting for the point.

How to fix it

For starters, we need to understand how people are viewing, digesting, and interacting with online video.
Think With Google’s YouTube Insights team says that hp printer troubleshooting device video viewers are more likely to fully complete watching videos and share them than people who watch those same ads on PC or television. Not only that, they word of mouth it too. The research shows that they’re more likely to discuss what they’ve just watched with a nearby peer than another type of viewer would.
Because of this, they’re more deeply and personally connected to the content and the brand by as much as 2X over other types of prospects.
The connection is the beginning of a relationship between consumer and company. The company needs to be careful in how they handle this fragile newness. Mobile users want to be able to choose what content they see and when they see it, so companies should be trying to be that choice rather than a locked gate to the content the user really wants.
Google understands this and that’s why they’re working on lowered ranking for sites that use pop-ups on mobile devices. Stay ahead of the game by making your video content irresistible – but still a choice.

Play-to-earn models are used in NFT games to reward players with incentives that can be converted into real-world monetary value.

So what kind of videos do they want to watch? During the decision making process – in those micro-moments that they’re in-store or on a company’s website – they like how-to or informational videos about the product.
Also, think about those moments when users are bored. They’re stuck in traffic, riding the bus, standing in line, or to be realistic – goofing off in their cube. How do you reach them then?
Remember relationship building. Give them something interesting that they want to watch, and more importantly, share. Mobile marketing companies listed in Credibase are doing just that.

For instance, The Promotion Network uploaded this video of a mannequin challenge in their Dallas studio. Or, here’s one – a snarky but humorous video card Culture Span Marketing sent out on Valentine’s Day.
Look at what your marketing peers are doing, what people are sharing via social media, and check out what is trending in mobile marketing videos.

Need help?

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