How to Choose the Best Post-Mastectomy Bra?

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For breast cancer survivors who’ve already been through an emotional and physical wringer, shopping for a post-mastectomy bra for a changed body can be daunting. Women’s sense of self can be drastically altered after this life-changing surgery.

But it doesn’t have to be a negative experience, and, in fact, finding that perfect bra for the new body can make your spirits soar. rel=”nofollow”Mastectomy bras are specially designed for women who have had one or both breasts removed, and address those unique physical changes.

The good news is mastectomy bras have come a long way from the scarce selection available to our mothers and grandmothers. There’s no reason why women can’t find a great bra that not only fits well but makes them feel beautiful and sexy.

The Right Fit

The first step to finding the right mastectomy bra is determining the proper fit. While women can go a lifetime without wearing the proper-fitting bra, it’s particularly important for breast cancer survivors. With surgery and radiation scars, the bra needs not just to sit well but be comfortable.

Work with a professional fitter who specializes in mastectomy bras. Taking your own measurements after surgery can be not just frustrating, but painful, and a professional will be sensitive to both.

Because your back and neck have grown accustomed to supporting your particular breast size for your adult life, choose a prosthesis that matches your original breast size. Your back will thank you for it.

Choosing the Right Bra

If you choose to buy mastectomy bras online, there’s a wide selection ­– one size certainly does fit all. Some of the top manufacturers are Anita, Amoena, Coobie, Trulife, and Jodee. Look for features such as front-fastening clasps, that make putting the bra on more comfortable for women with limited mobility. Amoena’s Ester soft bra is a popular front-closing bra.

Some women with radiation scars prefer a bra with more chest coverage, such as Classique’s 720 Fashion Mastectomy Bra that includes scalloped stretch lace insert. Jodee features a Camisole Bra that’s both elegant and provides full coverage.

Look for mastectomy bras that have soft cotton or spandex pockets to insert breast forms. Amoena, Anita, Classique, Jodee and Trulife all make breast forms, in a wide range of sizes and even skin tones.

Padded adjustable straps are important for comfort, especially in surgery areas that can become irritated.

Whether it’s hiking, spinning or Zumba, there are mastectomy sports bras for women who love to be physically active. Nearly Me is one manufacturer that features mastectomy bras for sports that are supportive, comfortable and beautiful.

Every woman’s breast cancer story is different, and with that comes unique challenges in finding mastectomy bras. But the loss of a breast or breasts doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful and feminine.

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