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EPDM Sponge Rubber Seals

EPDMFor the record, automotive sealing systems include door weatherstrips, belt strips, secondary seals, quarter window weatherstrips, decklid seals, roof rail weatherstrips, glass run weatherstrips, windshield mouldings, hood to cowl weatherstrips. Also, sealing systems for sectors like construction and industrial applications as well as related industries too have requirements for a similar product portfolio.As such, the most utilised application of the EPDM Sponge Rubber Sealing system in an automobile is the door seal. These are highly dynamic in nature and help in sealing the door with the door flange. This is done in such a foolproof fashion that any dust, water or air cannot come in or escape outward. A similar sealing methodology is used for deck lid sealing, bonnet sealing and also for like uses.

A certain set of components function for sealing purposes as well as have certain anti friction properties for proper functioning of windows. Their abrasion resistance features which are the modal functionaries in this aspect are trial tested before use. For that matter, an online flocking is the basis to getting good levels of abrasion resistance. The substances used in this procedure are required to be of the best grade possible to completely ensure good results in the final product lineup. These very components are also used for automotive air-conditioning. These are produced as a certain set of sponge compounds with low levels of specific gravity.

Certain units are involved in manufacturing EPDM profiles which function as sealing component usd between the glass and aluminium sections. Zero tolerance limits which are more than necessary for sticking to dimensional specifications and a totally appropriate type of fitting is required.The wear and tear that these components go through due to the nature of the function they perform translates into the fact they be made in high-end EPDM compositions.These piece parts need to ensure perfect sealing from the outer surroundings without any relaxation on their cushion quotient which is needed during opening and closing of doors.

Then there are components used between the window and the main body, the door and the main body and in the same type of work. These piece parts are made with the use of very high quality EPDM compounds with high ozone resistance abilities. The cross-section pattern of these items are cross analysed to make sure of the following: firstly, to ensure the grip between the glass and the automotive body to proffer adequate sealing needed; prevent any rattling sound from coming in addition to making sure that there is more than enough cover from irritants such as dust and water.