Dental Implants and Invisalign on Teeth Gaining Popularity in Las Vegas

Jul-Sig-Ortho-Invisalign-headerIn our office, we’re seeing an increase in the number of patients choosing dental implants and Invisalign on their teeth. More and more patients are becoming aware of the improved technology available to help straighten and enhance their smile.

What used to be a painful, cumbersome, and lengthy process has now given way to a more efficient, effective treatment. Because advancements in modern healthcare have allowed people to live longer than ever before, dental implants and Invisalign on teeth are becoming more popular as they are seen as an inevitable part of aging and maintaining proper oral health.

Statistics show that nearly 70{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} of adults between the ages 35 and 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, or tooth decay, while by age 74, over 25{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} of all adults will have lost all of their permanent teeth.
With the odds working against prolonged tooth retention, a comprehensive approach that accounts for proper alignment and function, as well as the confidence a patient has in their smile, is essential to overall dental health. Straight teeth not only provide for a more beautiful smile, but also contribute to better hygiene and the fight against tooth decay by making cleaning and flossing easier.

Many patients are living longer and, of course, needing their teeth to last for a longer time. We know that if the teeth are not aligned properly, there is a greater chance for decay and periodontal disease. By straightening the teeth, patients have a much better chance of keeping their teeth for our lifetime.

With Invisalign for teeth, we use a series of clear plastic aligners that rely on gentle pressure, much in the way traditional braces work, to move teeth into the proper position. The benefits are that the procedure is more discreet and less painful. Thanks to the innovations in orthodontic treatment that have emerged with this procedure, patients can now help fight off future concerns while simultaneously creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

While Invisalign and other dental procedures have helped pave the way for the prevention of ailments such as tooth decay and tooth loss, addressing current gaps and missing teeth with dental implants is an increasingly popular option.

The most common question is if having the implant placed will hurt and if it will feel any different than surrounding teeth. Implants can be placed very painlessly now. What used to be a very invasive procedure can be done sometimes in less than half an hour with little to no discomfort.

However, for patients considering both dental implants and Invisalign for teeth, patients need to take into account the fact that implants will not move like natural teeth once placed. Many patients want an implant for a missing tooth, but once the implant is placed, it will not move. So if you have ever considered straightening your teeth, now is the time. We can usually place a false tooth in the space where the tooth is missing while we straighten the teeth so that it does not look like they are missing the tooth.

Towards the end of the Invisalign treatment, the implant can be placed and be healing while the patient finishes up the last few months of treatment. Then, once the teeth are straight, the implant can be restored in the proper position.

As procedures like dental implants and Invisalign for teeth grow more popular, patients will reap the benefits of extensive research and the pursuit of higher quality comfort and care. If you want to know if either procedure is right for you, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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