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Certification Programs

Cremation Certification Programs

We all know that to protect our planet, must reduce the amount of waste we produce as humans. We recycle our plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, and batteries; but we don’t often think about how we continue to have an impact on the environment after we die.

Moving towards a zero-waste society

If we truly want to be a zero waste society, shouldn’t we think about how the metals, and other materials in our bodies should be handled after cremation? Advocates for green cremation are now pointing to implant equipment recycling companies as a solution for reducing waste. These companies provide a very important service to crematoriums as well.

For those who own and operate crematoriums, it is necessary to have options for people interested in cremation practices that have the most minimal environmental impacts.

With the rise of popular interest in green practices, crematoriums should explore working with companies that can legally and ethically recycle implant materials.

The industry

Implant equipment recycling companies are one part of the solution towards a zero-waste society; allowing us to give back to the earth even after death. They do this by allowing the metal from medical and dental implants to be melted down and recycled into new products.

This practice is important for two reasons. It keeps metals from contaminating the earth, and it means new metals don’t have to be mined for manufacturers to make essential products. However, not all crematoriums recycle implant equipment or participate in other green cremation practices. As a consumer, it is not always easy to find the most ethical option among competing companies.

One clear-cut way to locate a crematory that will be guaranteed to engage in ethical, environmentally friendly cremation services is to look for a company that is part of a cremation certification program.

Cremation certification programs ensure that a company adheres to a certain code of practice and have been trained in cremation best practices.

This code of practice includes an affirmative position on implant equipment recycling.

Giving back to charity

As an additional bonus, implant equipment recycling companies may offer the crematoriums they partner with the option to donate the proceeds from the re-use of implant equipment back to a charity of their choice.

Implant recycling companies that participate in this practice have found a way to solve multiple problems with one solution. For crematoriums, the ability to give back to local communities is a creative way to show they are invested in the well-being of their surrounding areas.

A clear choice

Cremation certification programs clearly indicate which crematoriums are the best choice ethically and environmentally when it comes to the task of choosing a crematory that is right for you or a loved one.

During the often complicated process of making arrangements after death; this benefit cannot be underestimated for those interested in living and dying ethically.