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Choosing Shelving for Your Warehouse Do’s and Don’ts

Setting up or expanding a warehouse can be a complex project. Choosing the best shelving for your products and maximizing space is no easy task. There are many options for shelving rack systems and designing your warehouse. Ensuring it is efficient and operates at full capacity can require significant planning, so here are a few tips on choosing shelving for your warehouse, whether it is a new or existing space.

Do listen to your contractor

When beginning to plan the layout of your shelving rack system, it’s a good idea to consult with your contractors as they are familiar with your warehouse space. They may also provide recommendations on where to purchase shelving rack systems at a reasonable cost.

Don’t forget to consult your warehouse managers

Your warehouse managers are familiar with the day-to-day operations of a warehouse and may have input you didn’t consider. They may be familiar with some of the shelving systems you are considering and advise you on which systems are best for your specific environment and products.

Do consider the shape and size of your products

When selecting the best shelving rack systems for your warehouse, consider the size and shape of the products you are storing. Will they lie flat or stand straight?

Don’t choose your rack system without knowing the dimensions of the warehouse and shelving
You need to know the size of the shelving, the size of the products you’ll be storing, and the size of any machinery workers will be using to move the products. You also need to know your local fire code, so the legislated amount of space is available for workers to be able to evacuate safely. It’s also important to make sure there is enough space in the aisles to maneuver machinery and employees safely.

Do consider purchasing used shelving rack systems

Buying used shelving rack systems is cost-effective, and good for the environment. Research companies that sell quality used shelving rack systems.

Don’t forget to budget for maintenance and repairs

Whether you are purchasing a new or used shelving rack system, make sure the unit you purchased has a warranty or is easily maintained or repaired. Avoid purchasing a system that is being discontinued because it will be challenging to buy replacement parts. Make sure you are familiar with signs of wear and tear and train your staff to recognize the signs and how to report them.

Do plan for expansion

If you are planning on increasing the number of products being stored or sold out of your warehouse, start planning for expansion now. Consider a system that can be adjusted as necessary.