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5 Reasons to See an Obstetrician in Scottsdale Before, During and After Pregnancy

Making an appointment with an obstetrician in Scottsdale can sometimes be a little intimidating, making some women put it off indefinitely.  But the truth is that the majority of patients find the experience to be informative, relaxing and stress free. 

When you’re pregnant – or if you’re considering starting a family – it’s especially important to visit your obstetrician and here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Make an appointment with your obstetrician in Scottsdale before you begin trying to conceive.  If you and your partner feel like you’re at the point in your life where you would like to start a family be sure to also make an appointment to see your obstetrician at the same time you’re seeing your primary care physician.

Many women don’t think they need to see an obstetrician prior to getting pregnant but nothing could be further from the truth. During your pre-pregnancy appointment you can have a general health check-up, discuss any concerns about conception or pregnancy, get blood tests if necessary and find out what pre-pregnancy supplements you should be taking.

Also, if you were on birth control previously this is a good opportunity to discuss stopping its use, side effects you may experience, answers regarding how quickly your monthly cycle will return to normal and the earliest you can expect to conceive.

2.  When you first find out you’re pregnant. Your obstetrician in Scottsdale is especially important at this phase of your pregnancy, as they are an essential component of a safe and healthy pregnancy. If it is your first appointment since finding out about your pregnancy, you’ll likely have a physical examination, carry out basic blood tests and go over all the important parts of your medical history. Based on these findings your obstetrician can also classify your pregnancy as low risk or high risk.

Your obstetrician in Scottsdale can also discuss early-pregnancy issues that you may be having and the best way to handle them. They will also advise you regarding what medications are safe to take during pregnancy, which ones to avoid, exercises you can still participate in and how to stay healthy for the duration of your pregnancy.

3.  To monitor your progress and the health of your baby.  As your pregnancy progresses, you will likely have monthly appointments with your obstetrician just to discuss how you’re doing and monitor how the pregnancy is advancing. If you’re suffering from things like morning sickness, heartburn, constipation or swollen joints it’s also another good reason to visit your obstetrician, as they have seen just about everything and can give helpful advice on how to best manage your symptoms.

4.  Unexpected or worrying symptoms.  If you’re concerned about any symptoms you may be experiencing, an obstetrician will always be your best source of advice. Keep in mind that emergency situations such as heavy bleeding and cramping, persistent headaches or severe morning sickness should always be seen in the ER but for less severe symptoms, a trip to your obstetrician in Scottsdale is definitely warranted. They will be able to carry out a full examination, monitor your baby and prescribe any medications if necessary.

5.  Postpartum care.  Once your baby is born, schedule a few follow-up appointments with them to make sure that you are coping well at home, both physically and mentally. They’ll answer any questions you may have about best drinks for breastfeeding, childcare or any issues you may notice with the baby such as sleeping, feeding or growth. You can also discuss birth control options if you are not looking to conceive immediately.

Your obstetrician in Scottsdale will be a great guide during the entire process of pregnancy – before, during and after. They come with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, so be sure to visit them as often as necessary to help keep your pregnancy progressing smoothly and safely.  If you’re even just considering getting pregnant, call us today to schedule a consultation and let’s get you on the road to a healthy, happy baby!