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Warehouse industrial shelving

4 of Most Common Pallet Rack Systems in Use Today

Warehouse industrial shelving

Some businesses suffer losses because of their poor storage habits, symptomatic of issues such as not being able to trace the whereabouts of certain products in the workplace. If this is happening at your workplace, it probably results in expired goods or purchasing unwanted goods already in stock.

When properly utilized, pallet racks can enhance productivity in many workplaces.

There are diverse types of pallet racks, each designed to store different type of goods with unique operating requirements. For instance, the pallet flow rack is most convenient for use in food distribution centers. Therefore, before choosing the type of pallet racks your business should adopt, consider factors such as the type of goods to be stored, operating space, or accessibility.

However, large businesses can consider using industrial pallet racks due to their effectiveness in maximising the use of every square foot of a warehouse.

Types of Industrial Pallet Rack Systems

  • Selective pallet racks: This is the most commonly used racking system among industrial pallet racks because it provides easy access to products stored. Not only are selective pallet racks easy to install, but they also provide a wide storage area for products. In case of additional stock, these pallet racks can be adjusted to accommodate new products or different size pallets. Selective pallet racking is available in both roll formed and structural steel that is easy to clean.
  • Pallet-flow racks: This racking system utilizes sloping racks with the first in, first out loading system where new pallets are added at the higher end while older pallets are removed at the lower end. They can be used to store large quantities of products in a limited space.
  • Drive in racks and drive through racks: This racking method ensures the ability to store up to 75{bd4b38e47165ab416ebca6a56c5a2cf1cc4afaf6d3a39bedd5ba48946e3160e8} more pallets in the same space than selective racking and uses the last in, first out an arrangement for pallets. Businesses with limited space looking for industrial pallet racks for sale can adopt these methods to store items. With their highly rigid and strong frameworks, both drive in racks and drive through racks methods can be used over a long period of time.
  • Push-back racks: It utilizes the last in, first out method. In this racking system, pallets sit on carts that slide forward when the front pallet is removed and is ideal for non-perishable goods. Each level of the raking system can be used to store different products and very little height space utilized.