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3 Shelving Systems for Your Warehouse

Your warehouse has a unique set of needs, just like every warehouse in the world. Why would a single approach to shelving work for all then? In short: it doesn’t. You need a vertical shelving system or another approach which makes the best use of your space while addressing your specific operational needs.

These are some valuable approaches to shelving which can improve the efficiency of your business, almost certainly saving time and money.

Although they may sound like big claims, a tailored storage solution is always the best long-term approach for a business, because those benefits will accumulate through the years.

1. Vertical Shelving System

Technology is revolutionizing everything about the modern world, both on a personal and on a business level. Nowadays, shelving systems are so advanced that they can automatically retrieve items according to a schedule, lightening your workers’ load immensely.

By retracting, moving and presenting the appropriate items at any given time, modern vertical shelving systems can massively improve the efficiency of your business. Depending on the specific use case, a vertical shelving system for sale can reduce ground space by 90%.

2. Mobile Aisle Shelving

The permanent problem facing warehouses is that there’s so much demand on holding more stock in a single space, maximizing and utilizing every square inch of available storage capacity.

Rarely-accessed, space-wasting items like files or other documents can feel like deadweight. In these cases, it might be best to push your storage density a little further.

The starting material for the flexographic printing press is a roll that is fed through a succession of rotary flexible relief plates. Each flexible plate is fed with ink by a specialized roller, with just one flexible plate required for each printed color. All of the colors for the final print output are provided by the relief plates.

Mobile aisle shelving compacts items together in moving units, which wheel along tracks in the ground. Using this system, it is possible to adjust storage units, by hand or mechanically, to reveal any required item at a single time, without wasting space on excessive aisles. In fact, this system only requires a single aisle of access space for a whole row of shelves.

3. Bulk Shelving

For non-palletized goods, storage might feel messy, and it can be hard to achieve the desired density or operational goals. If you need a solution where human-access is a part of operations and the goods come in a variety of shapes and sized, bulk shelving might be the answer.

Bulk shelving is sturdy and secure like racking, but it can accommodate for much easier personnel access. Steel frames of bulk shelving can normally hold up to 2,000 pounds per shelf, so it’s unlikely to fail in most usage scenarios.

Additionally, as a modular storage solution, you can customize it for access heights, shelf pitch and any other demand your business has. As a result, bulk shelving can form a tailored storage solution that accounts for all your irregular non-palletized items.

Taking a unified approach to their storage with a flexible all-scenario solution can decrease the amount of time you need to spend managing warehouse operations.